Hospitality interior design

Myhotelmood is an hospitality interior design project.

Key activities
  • Hospitality interior design
  • Hotel design
  • Conception of future scenarios
  • Development of innovative hotel design ideas
  • Composition of spaces using furniture and finishes produced by Italian and international companies
  • Promotion of design products
  • Research of existing innovative hotels
  • Identification of interventions on a limited budget (Hospitality tips for small hotel owners)
  • Ad hoc consultancy
Value proposition: 

Creating value for manufacturing companies operating in the hospitality field.

Giving value to new ideas and to the design phase.

Emphasizing the “Sense of place” with appropriate design choices.

Key customers:
  • Small and medium-sized hotel chains
  • Independend hotel owners
  • Real estate companies
  • Bed & breakfast and private houses owners
  • Companies producing finishes and furnishing in the contract design sector


Holiday studio in the Greek islands 

Hotel design
The Holiday house facing the sea

Hospitality interior design, Winter moods | Mountain retreats

Hospitality interior design : alpine room
Hotel room designed as a mountain chalet

Hotel room in Sydney, Australia

Hotel rooms design
Hotel room in Sydney

An hotel lounge in Miami beach 
Hotel lounge in Miami
A large hotel lounge with a vista on the beach .

“Open deck” living room facing the ocean

Living area in Miami

Hotel room in Milan

Hotel room in Milan

Hotel room in Greece

Hotel room in Greece

Living outdoor : dining in tuscany 

Outdoor hospitality areas facing the Mediterranean sea

Living area in Rome 

Roma and the dream of eternity

The essence of Mediterraneity

Blue sky, white houses, stone walls, magenta bougainvillea : the ingredients that make the Greek islands magical and welcoming. The lifestyle of the islands represents the quintessence of summer. A life in contact with the sea and nature, surrounded by Mediterranean scrub, healthy local products, lunches and dinners consumed in the countless taverns on the seashore.

Paros , Greece
Mediterranean architecture

Visiting Greece in the right mood : Athens

Late afternoon in the middle of August: take a rest by the pool after visiting Athens in the hot summer. Sunbathing is not the only way to relax . Modern outdoor products are designed for reading, relaxing, interacting with people while you sip a fresh drink or a good glass of Greek wine. And if you have not yet come to the sea enjoy the sight sitting on the edge of a pool, in the best rooftop of the city or sit in one of the countless bars immersed in the city atmosphere.

How to take a rest after a warm afternoon visiting Athens
Athens overview from a terrace on the Hills

 Overview | Hospitality interior design concepts