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I’m an hotel and hospitality design consultant active also in public spaces design, interior design and temporary architecture.

After graduating in industrial design at Politecnico di Milano, I worked for more than sixteen years in the field of temporary architecture

I’m a passionate traveler and I love working on collective spaces.

I like visiting hotels, bars and restaurants, public areas, malls and shops, railway stations, museums and temporary spaces.

My Italian origins, rich in history, art and fashion, daily fuel the search for the “sense of beauty”.

I’m based in Milan, and i’m available for consultancies worldwide.


Anna Gatti design created My hotel Mood after visiting various countries and staying in any type of hotel. 

Every guest needs to feel a sense of comfort and familiarity while every hotel owner has to find the right way to invest in renovated spaces without exceeding the established budget. 

My hotel Mood is a connection point between clients, hotel owners and products manufacturers.

Working on your hospitality business

If you are an hotel manager and you need to bring a renovation to your hospitality spaces, contact my hotel mood  for ideas, concepts or property assestments .  

if you are a company that produces furniture,  finishes or services for hotels and you want to propose your products, send me your bim models and technical information, i will propose your products in my new design concepts.

Anna Gatti design will help you finding the right solution to change the design of your spaces.

Anna Gatti, Hospitality design consultant
Anna Gatti is an Italian designer active in hospitality, temporary architectures and interior design