Sense of place

Worldwide is our keyword, sense of place is our main feature.

Traveling worldwide, visiting places and cities: that’s the way to find inspirations and design ideas.

For many years the design of hotels has been uniformed to the guidelines of the various brands, creating spaces that were always the same despite the characteristics of the place where they were located. 

Today the design of hotels is in sharp evolution and hotels are designed carefully placed in the place where they are, focusing the attention of designers on the sense of place.

Here are pictures of various parts of the world where our latest ideas for hotel spaces and new inspirations were born.

Metropolis, islands, mountain villages: every place has its own soul and its peculiarities full of culture, materials, moods, emotions.

Traveling means not only visiting places, traveling means becoming part of them, breathing the local culture, talking with people, comparing things.

Every hotel or hospitality structure must make the guest feel at home by keeping the peculiar characteristics of the place where it is located.

Our goal is to add some design and modern elements to the design of spaces, always keeping a sense of place.

Japan highlights 

Greece : the Island experience